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Vim Checkbox


Simple plugin that toggles text checkboxes in Vim. Works great if you're using a markdown file for notes and todo lists.


Just copy the script into your plugin folder, e.g. ~/.vim/plugin/. If you're using pathogen, just clone this repository in ~/.vim/bundle.


Press <leader>tt to toggle the (first) checkbox on the current line, if any. That means, [ ] will be replaced with [x] and [x] with [ ]. If you want more or different checkbox states, you can override the contents of g:checkbox_states with an array of characters, which the plugin will cycle through. The default is:

let g:checkbox_states = [' ', 'x']

When there's no checkbox on the current line, <leader>tt will insert one at the pattern defined in g:insert_checkbox. The new checkbox's state will be the first element of g:checkbox_states. The default for g:insert_checkbox is '\<', which will insert the checkbox in front of the first word of the line (not necessarily at the beginning of the line, '^'), which is particularly useful when working in markdown-formatted lists. Other useful patterns would be '^' (insert at the very beginning of the line) and '$' (end of line). When inserting a new checkbox, g:insert_checkbox_prefix and g:insert_checkbox_suffix are prepended/appended, respectively. This is mostly useful for adding a space behind or in front of the checkbox:

let g:insert_checkbox_prefix = ''
let g:insert_checkbox_suffix = ' '

Inserting a checkbox can be disabled by setting g:insert_checkbox to an empty string ('').