Template Play Framework/Scala project that will make users log in through their Google or Facebook accounts
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Template Play Framwork / Scala application with Google/Facebook login

This is an empty app template with Play Framework and Scala that makes 
users log in through their Facebook or Google accounts. The app further 
has dependencies on Anorm for non-ORM SQL database access, PostgreSQL 
database (as used by Heroku, and installed by default on e.g. Ubuntu) 
and RestFB for Facebook graph data traversal. From this state it can be 
forked to create any blank Play Framework / Scala app that uses Google 
and/or Facebook for authentication.

End users are required to allow their email addresses to be passed from 
Facebook to the app (for Google this is a standard permission). The 
email address is used throughout the app to identify the users. This is 
done by the User domain class already provided that is stored in the SQL 
database. It is up to you to add the other domain classes can be linked 
to it.

The next steps you need to do to get the app running:
 * Get an API key from Facebook, see https://developers.facebook.com/apps
 * Get an API key from Google, see https://code.google.com/apis/console
 * Install or get access to a PostgreSQL RDBMS and create a database,
   see http://www.postgresql.org/
 * Replace the placeholders throughout the code (IN_CAPITALS) with the 
   settings for the above
 * edit project/Build.scala and set your project name
 * Run 'play' from the project root
 * Run [project] $ secret to create a new application secret in 
 * Run [project] $ eclipsify to turn it into an Eclipse project, and 
   import this project into your Eclipse workspace
 * Run [project] $ run 
Good luck!