An Ansible plugin for timing tasks
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An Ansible plugin for timing tasks.

Usage in Ansible 2.0

This plugin is included in Ansible 2.0, and can be enabled by adding this line to ansible.cfg

callback_whitelist = profile_tasks

Usage in Ansible 1.x

Make a directory called callback_plugins next to your playbook and put inside of it.

mkdir callback_plugins
cd callback_plugins

Now, run your playbook just as you normally would!

ansible <args here>
<normal output here>
PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************
really slow task  | Download project packages-----------------------------11.61s
security | Really slow security policies-----------------------------------7.03s
common-base | Install core system dependencies-----------------------------3.62s
common | Install pip-------------------------------------------------------3.60s
common | Install boto------------------------------------------------------3.57s
nginx | Install nginx------------------------------------------------------3.41s
serf | Install system dependencies-----------------------------------------3.38s
duo_security | Install Duo Unix SSH Integration----------------------------3.37s
loggly | Install TLS version-----------------------------------------------3.36s

If for some reason you want to disable this temporarily, set the environment variable ANSIBLE_PROFILE_DISABLE to any value (even an empty string).