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// Bind a domain to directory
// Gettext uses domains to know what directories to
// search for translations to messages passed to gettext
@bindtextdomain('default', dirname(__FILE__).'/');
// Set the current domain that gettext will use
@textdomain ('default');
$langs = array (
'es' => 'ES',
'en' => 'GB',
'ca' => 'ES',
$code = isset($_REQUEST['lang'])?$_REQUEST['lang']:'es';
if (isset($langs[$code]))
$iso_code = $code.'_'.$langs[$code];
$code = "es";
$iso_code = 'es_ES';
if (isset($_SESSION['lang'])) $_SESSION['lang']=$code;
// Set the LANGUAGE environment variable to the desired language
putenv ('LANGUAGE='.$iso_code);
putenv ("LC_ALL=$iso_code");
setlocale(LC_ALL, $iso_code);
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