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@@ -35,12 +35,12 @@ CONTENTS
2. Task scheduling
- The typical -deadline task will be made up of a computation phase (instance)
+ The typical -deadline task is composed of a computation phase (instance)
which is activated on a periodic or sporadic fashion. The expected (maximum)
duration of such computation is called the task's runtime; the time interval
by which each instance needs to be completed is called the task's relative
deadline. The task's absolute deadline is dynamically calculated as the
- time instant a task (better, an instance) activates plus the relative
+ time instant a task (or, more properly) activates plus the relative
The EDF[1] algorithm selects the task with the smallest absolute deadline as
@@ -147,9 +147,18 @@ someone must call sched_setscheduler2() on it, or it won't even start.
3. Future plans
-Still Missing:
+Still missing:
- refinements to deadline inheritance, especially regarding the possibility
of retaining bandwidth isolation among non-interacting tasks. This is
- being studied from both theoretical and practical point of views, and
- hopefully we can have some demonstrative code soon.
+ being studied from both theoretical and practical points of view, and
+ hopefully we should be able to produce some demonstrative code soon.
+ - (c)group based bandwidth management, and maybe scheduling;
+ - access control for non-root users (and related security concerns to
+ address), which is the best way to allow unprivileged use of the mechanisms
+ and how to prevent non-root users "cheat" the system?
+As already discussed, we are planning also to merge this work with the EDF
+throttling patches [] but we still are in
+the preliminary phases of the merge and we really seek feedback that would help us
+decide on the direction it should take.

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