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There are two supported methods for importing from importing Time Profiler .trace files, and importing via deep copy.

Importing Time Profiler .trace files

To record a time profile using, first select "Time Profiler" from the list of profiling templates. profiling template selection screen

Select the target you want to profile.

Selecting the profile

Click the record button.

Clicking record

When you're done recording, hit the stop button.

Clicking stop

Then save the profile as a .trace file.

Saving a profile

If you drag and drop the resulting file into speedscope, it should load the profile.

At time of writing, selecting the file via "browse" or running speedscope /path/to/Instruments.trace won't work. See

Importing via deep copy

After recording either a Time Profiler profile or an Allocations profile, select the root row of the table view. Then select "Edit -> Deep Copy" from the main menu.

Deep copy menu item

This will copy a tree containing aggregate statistics about the profile onto your clipboard. Now visit and paste. Note that this method only carries aggregate statistics, rather than time-ordered samples, so you the time ordered view and the left heavy view will look similar.

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