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Porting FreeGemas to OS X and (back to) Gosu for fun and nonprofit
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FreeGemas is an open source version of the well known Bejeweled, for GNU/Linux, Windows, OS X and iOS. It's written in C++ using Gosu.

This is a port back to Gosu from (TheOm3ga's new SDL 2 port)[]. The original Gosu-based code can be found at Google Code.

WHY!! port it back to Gosu?

I needed toy project for C++ Gosu that would work on desktop and mobile, and I like this codebase :)


TODO - if you are fluent in either CMake or CocoaPods, you can figure it out in the meantime.

Music licensing

The music in the game is Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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