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HID Wiimote - A Windows Device Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote

⚠ This project and repository has been archived, as it hasn't been under any active development for a very long time ⚠


You can get test signed and zipped Driver Packages from the project site:

Build yourself

To build the driver yourself you need the following software. All paths in the project are either relative or are using Visual Studio Macros.

The One-Click Build is open Build > Batch Build..., check only all BuildAndZip Configurations and hit Build or Rebuild. This will build all drivers, User Mode app and library, pack everything into a Driver Package and Zip it. The final Zips are then found in the Zip folder.


  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Windows SDK for Windows 11
  • Windows Driver Kit (WDK 11)

All can be downloaded on this page:

Projects Overview

Build And Zip

Helper project to zip the Driver Packages after building. Has only Release Configurations, so should be only used on Release builds. Has a dependency on HID Wiimote Package so the package itself is build/rebuild as well.

Release Versioning

Utility project that generates different files containing the current version string. Version is parsed from package readme.

HID Miniport

My own implementation of the MsHidKmdf driver, so I can pass some function addresses to the HID Wiimote driver. It basically just passes everything down to the HID Wiimote filter driver, additionally a custom IOCTL to request function addresses.

HID Wiimote

Main driver - does all the important Wiimote stuff.

HID Wiimote Control Center

User Mode Application to set specific device settings. Also includes an installer and updater.

HID Wiimote User Mode

User Mode Managed Library to interact with Wiimote Devices.

HID Wiimote Package

Driver Package/Utility project, to pack everything into one package and sign it. No code, just settings.


Feel free to create issues, report bugs or give feedback/features wishes.


Windows Device Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote







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