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AIR Makefiles to simplify creation of Mobile AIR builds, ANEs, etc.
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AIR Makefiles

This is a set of Makefile includes that simplify the creation of AIR projects (incl. ANE's) from the command line. Most goodies are there, including:

  • ANE creation from source (make ane)
  • IPA/APK creation (make ipa or make apk)
  • Mobile installation (ipa/apk) via USB (make install)
  • Mobile launch (apk) via USB (make run-apk)
  • Test mobile apps on the desktop (make test)
  • Native code compilation (Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java)
  • Full dependency tracking including header files
  • Automatic code signing key selection
  • Automatic app descriptor version generation from git


I have only tested this on OS X. Given the Xcode dependency, it's unlikely this could run elsewhere, but I guess given the toolchain it might work...

You'll need:

  • git
  • Xcode command line tools
  • Flex SDK overlaid with Air
  • Android SDK
  • ideviceinstaller if you want to install via USB to an iDevice

Add both SDKs to your path and you're ready to go.


  1. Create a folder under your existing project where your build files will reside, say dist

    cd my-project mkdir dist

  2. Add the AIR Makefile project as a submodule under this folder as mk:

    git submodule init git submodule add dist/mk git submodule update

  3. Create a Makefile defining configuration information about your AIR application (see Variables below)

  4. Include one of mk/' or mk/` depending if you plan to build a straight AIR application or an ANE with a test app.

  5. Invoke make. See Targets for a list of possible make targets.


You should define all these variables in your Makefile:


  • APP_ID: Your AIR application ID
  • NAME: Will be used to name your build products (NAME.ipa, NAME.apk, NAME.ane)


  • KEYDIR: A directory containing a list of companies. Each company should contain your keys (e.g. development.p12, distribution.p12, android.pfx, etc.) If not defined, will default to ../..
  • COMPANY: The name of the directory under KEYDIR containing your keys.
  • VERSION: Version in MAJOR.MINOR form, will be added to app descriptor


  • TESTFLIGHT_API_TOKEN: For make upload target
  • TESTFLIGHT_TEAM_TOKEN: For make upload target
  • TESTFLIGHT_DLS: Distribution lists for make upload target


  • SRCDIR: The root of your source files for your AIR project
  • SRC_MAIN: The path to the main source file of your AIR project (.mxml or .as)
  • APP_XML_IN: The path to your app descriptor template file
  • ANES: Space separated list of paths to ANEs that your app should link to
  • OTHER_RESOURCES: Other files that should be included in your ipa/apk

ANE Source (relevant only when including mk/

  • EXT_ID: Extension ID
  • ANE_IOS_LIB_SOURCES: A list of your iOS native source files
  • ANE_IOS_LIB_CFLAGS: Additional CFLAGS, usually -I, etc.
  • ANE_IOS_RESOURCE_DIRS: Additional resource directories to include in the ANE
  • ANE_ANDROID_JAR_SOURCES: List of android projects / jar files to compile
  • ANE_ANDROID_JAR_CLASSPATH: Additional android jars to compile against
  • ANE_ANDROID_JAR_SUPPORT_VERSION: Optional, android support jar version (e.g. 4)
  • ANDROID_SRC_SEARCH_PATHS: List of source roots, default "src"

Application Descriptor Template

The APP_XML_IN file may contain macros of the form @MACRO@, where MACRO is one of the variables above, as well as any of the generated variables such as:

  • REVISION: Current revision number, defined as the number of commits on the current branch since the initial commit
  • COMMIT: Abbreviated hash of the current HEAD, with a '*' appended if the working directory is dirty.
  • EXT_ID: Extension ID of ANE being built


  • make swf: Build AIR swf
  • make test: Run AIR swf on desktop. May specify SCREEN variable to change iPhoneRetina default.
  • make ipa: Build iOS .ipa file
  • make upload: Uploads .ipa to TestFlight
  • make install: Installs .ipa to plugged iDevice
  • make apk: Build Android .apk file
  • make install-apk: Installs .apk file to plugged Android device
  • make run-apk: Launches app on plugged Android device
  • make ane: Builds ANE file (available only when including mk/

Future Enhancements

This is a laundry list of things that may or may not be done in the future:

  • Better error detection
  • Better documentation
  • Ensure operability under a single environment (just Android, or just iOS)
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