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Essential Electron screenshot

Essential Electron

This is a informational website about Electron, answering essential Electron concepts in plain-speak, a few diagrams and links to resources for diving in deeper.

This was an idea I had about a different type of documentation—or something—where text was kept short, jargon was expanded upon, concepts were defined and links provided for more in-depth explanations. I built this out because I couldn't get the idea out of my head without trying to see it through, so here it is! There is more I'll likely keep tweaking. Hopefully some will find it useful 😄

Here's a blog post with a bit more info.

Build it

The site is built from one markdown file with one bit of inline HTML for creating the styles on the vocabulary words. The markdown is parsed and turned into HTML, sandwiched between header.html and footer.html through a tiny Node script in index.js.

The stylesheet is style.css and it uses system fonts unless you have Source Sans Pro installed locally.

You'll need Node.js to build this site:

# Clone repository
git clone
# Go into repository clone
cd essential-electron
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Rebuild if changes have been made to:
#, footer.html, header.html
npm start
# Open the page in your browser
open index.html


Concise plain-speak about Electron




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