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GitHub Pages Template

GitHub will host (for free) a website for each of your repositories, a feature called GitHub Pages. To take advantage of this you just need website files on a branch named gh-pages in a repository. You can then find your site at:

Fork this repository and edit the files—that's it!

This repository contains only a gh-pages branch and the basic website files: index.html and style.css.

When you fork this site you'll have a copy on your account. You can click the file names and edit them directly from And 💥 a site of your own at:


  • See below for details on forking and editing a file.
  • See more below for more options for you page.

🍴 Fork

Click the fork button to create a copy on your account:


📝 Edit

Then click to select a file to edit. From that file's page click the pencil to directly edit the file.


💾 Commit

To save your changes, commit them with a short message describing your updates.


Visit: Now you can visit and see your site live!

You can change the repository name to something more relevant to you in the Settings section on the right-hand side of the repository page, this will update the url as well.

More Fun with Your Site

  • Custom Domain: You can add a CNAME file with just tne name of a domain you own and then set up your DNS to point to this repository's site.
  • Jekyll Blog: GitHub only serves static files on these sites so you can't put a server (PHP/Rails/Node) application here. You can however, use the static site generator, Jekyll, which is supported by GitHub pages, to generate a blog or site. There are Jekyll sites you can fork to start with, too, like Poole.
  • Editing: You can add new files and edit files directly on You can also copy your repository to your computer and edit there, then send it back to GitHub through the (free) GitHub desktop applications: Windows or Mac.

License: This repository is BSD.


Fork this to start your own site or template for free hosting on GitHub Pages







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