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My Emacs Configuration.
Emacs Lisp Erlang
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Kill some warnings newer emacsen warns about
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Emacs configuration files

To use these, you first clone the git repo and then make a symlink to .emacs.d. like this:

git clone git:// 
ln -s jlouis-emacs-conf .emacs.d

You get the idea, surely

Emacs is not an editor

Emacs is a tool for creating an editor. You will need to configure it to suit your needs before it will do the work you want it to do. There is no "best" configuration of Emacs. Only configurations you like and dislike.

In addition, you might want to start from other projects: I have been heavily inspired by the emacs-starter-kit for instance. There is also the 20seven-emacs by gregnewman which I have drawn ideas from as well. Finally, you can search for "emacs configuration" on github. There is a plethora!

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