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Github plumbing.

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1 parent 2a5af14 commit a2005c7436b4ec7c230f7bdd919178f544d4c5b2 @jlouis committed Oct 13, 2012
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@@ -11,5 +11,15 @@ attr add addr=$2
plumb to edit
plumb client $editor
-include basic
+# Github
+type is text
+data matches 'GH/([a-zA-z]+)/([a-zA-Z_\-]+)'
+plumb to web
+plumb start web$1/$2
+type is text
+data matches 'GH/([a-zA-z]+)/([a-zA-Z_\-]+)#([0-9]+)'
+plumb to web
+plumb start web$1/$2/issues/$3
+include basic

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