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pyltr is a Python learning-to-rank toolkit with ranking models, evaluation metrics, data wrangling helpers, and more.

This software is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license (see LICENSE.txt).

The author may be contacted at ma127jerry <@t> gmail with general feedback, questions, or bug reports.


Import pyltr:

import pyltr

Import a LETOR dataset (e.g. MQ2007 ):

with open('train.txt') as trainfile, \
        open('vali.txt') as valifile, \
        open('test.txt') as evalfile:
    TX, Ty, Tqids, _ =
    VX, Vy, Vqids, _ =
    EX, Ey, Eqids, _ =

Train a LambdaMART model, using validation set for early stopping and trimming:

metric = pyltr.metrics.NDCG(k=10)

# Only needed if you want to perform validation (early stopping & trimming)
monitor = pyltr.models.monitors.ValidationMonitor(
    VX, Vy, Vqids, metric=metric, stop_after=250)

model = pyltr.models.LambdaMART(
), Ty, Tqids, monitor=monitor)

Evaluate model on test data:

Epred = model.predict(EX)
print 'Random ranking:', metric.calc_mean_random(Eqids, Ey)
print 'Our model:', metric.calc_mean(Eqids, Ey, Epred)


Below are some of the features currently implemented in pyltr.


  • LambdaMART (pyltr.models.LambdaMART)
    • Validation & early stopping
    • Query subsampling


  • (N)DCG (pyltr.metrics.DCG, pyltr.metrics.NDCG)
    • pow2 and identity gain functions
  • ERR (pyltr.metrics.ERR)
    • pow2 and identity gain functions
  • (M)AP (pyltr.metrics.AP)
  • Kendall's Tau (pyltr.metrics.KendallTau)
  • AUC-ROC -- Area under the ROC curve (pyltr.metrics.AUCROC)

Data Wrangling

  • Data loaders (e.g.
  • Query groupers and validators (,

Running Tests

Use the script to run all unit tests.

Building Docs

cd into the docs/ directory and run make html. Docs are generated in the docs/_build directory.


Quality contributions or bugfixes are gratefully accepted. When submitting a pull request, please update AUTHOR.txt so you can be recognized for your work :).

By submitting a Github pull request, you consent to have your submitted code released under the terms of the project's license (see LICENSE.txt).