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Share ROT13-encoded spoilers over Twitter!
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This is the source distribution of Spoilerific, a web application by Jason McIntosh ( that helps people share ROT13-encoded messages via Twitter. A more complete justification for its existence might be found at, the live, public instance of Spoilerific that I run for the good of mankind.

Why's the code on GitHub?

Just for fun, and in the spirit of sharing how the web app works. Spoilerific isn't a commercial project or anything, so I have little to lose by pulling the curtain back for anyone who wishes to see the gears.

While I would react with sadness were you to run a public copy of Spoilerific under your own name, or something, I do invite you to clone or fork the code and mess around with it as much as you please for the sake of your own enlightenment.


If you mess around with the code to the degree that you actually end up with a patch, then feel free to share it in the form of a pull request.

Running a local copy of Spoilerific

  1. Have a fairly recent Perl handy. (Consider using perlbrew.)

  2. Install all the CPAN modules listed as requirements in Makefile.PL. (Consider using cpanm.)

  3. Update t/conf/spoilerific.conf with your application's Twitter credentials.

  4. Run prove -l lib t and make sure all the tests pass.

  5. Run script/ -r -d. If it succeeds (and prints a lot of neatly formatted debug information to the terminal), you should be able to access the app at http://localhost:3000.

This is a Catalyst-based application; to do just about anything else with it, I commend you to the Catalyst manual or the Catalyst book.

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