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1.601 2018-08-11
- Fixing a bug that prevented the Webmention-receiving plerdwatcher process from accepting webmentions for posts created after it launched.
- Adding a (commented-out) `<link rel="webmention [...] />` element to the set of sample templates. (Thanks to Karen Cravens for the bug report.)
- Separating the display of replies versus uncategorized webmentions, in the sample templates.
- Retroactively adding a bunch of entries to the 1.6 Changelog entry that I forgot about in the excitement of the Webmention stuff.
1.6 2018-08-05
- Adding experimental support for Webmention sending, receiving, and display.
- If a template fails to process, Plerd will now die with a meaningful error message.
- Adding a post_with_url method to Plerd objects.
- Adding Microformats2 metadata to the sample templates.
1.55 2018-03-07
- Switching away from a naive copy of Text::SmartyPants in favor of a custom fork of same (Plerd::SmartyPants). As a result, Plerd inserts higher-than-ASCII characters like curly-quotes and emdashes directly into its UTF-8 output, rather than using HTML entities. This avoids problems arising from mixing HTML entities with other modules' entity-escaping code.
1.54 2018-02-17
- Improving how Plerd handles UTF-8 source and template files. (Much like v1.44, except I think I got it right this time.)
- Adding mention of v1.52's alt-text improvement to the documentation.
1.53 2017-10-29
- Fixing a bug where Markdown symbols, if present in the first paragraph of a post's source file, would appear in default social-media description tags.
- Now requiring a minimum HTML::SocialMeta version.
1.52 2017-10-22
- Social-media metadata tags will choose "featured image" style for posts that explicitly define an image, and "thumbnail" style for posts that use the blog's default image.
- Adding support for image alt-text in social-media metadata tags.
1.5 2017-08-20
- Adding support for social-media metadata tags.
1.45 2017-08-18
- Emergency rollback of the UTF-8 "improving". O the embarrassment.
1.44 2017-08-18
- Adding a reading_time method to post objects.
- Improving how Plerd handles UTF-8 template files.
1.43 2017-05-19
- Adding experimental support for JSON Feed (
- Fixing a bug where Markdown in post titles could result in messed-up HTML title-element content.
1.42 2016-10-06
- Adding some styling to the default template so that plain <img> elements within posts dont overflow the content div's width.
1.41 2016-09-17
- Fixing a bug that would sometimes cause existing posts' "older_post" and "newer_post" methods to return incorrect values after new the publication of new posts.
- Removing support for the Plerd object's "publish" method and "files_to_publish" attribute. (The former now just calls the "publish_all" method.)
1.4 2016-08-17
- Adding support for user-defined post attributes.
- Improving handling of base-URI configurations involving paths. (David Turner)
1.31 2016-08-01
- Plerdwatcher now pays attention to all config directives, including the new ones defined in v1.3.
1.3 2016-07-23
- Plerd no longer requires that the source, docroot, and template directories all exist within the same master directory.
1.2 2016-04-09
- Fixing a bug that could prevent the recent, archive, and RSS pages from updating properly.
1.1 2016-03-27
- Adding "newer_post" and "older_post" read-only methods to post objects.
- Adding a "posts" read-only method to the Plerd object, returning all of
the blog's posts.
- GUIDs are now always added to posts. (The old "generates_post_guids"
is now a deprecated no-op.)
1.0 2015-11-04
- First versioned release. (Christian Sánchez contributed pre-release improvements)