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How to make an ImagePypelines Plugin

  1. clone this project
  2. rename the 'imagepypelines_template' directories to the name of your project
  3. edit the DIRECTORY_NAME and NAMESPACE variables in
  4. Put a license in the LICENSE file
  5. Add the names of dependencies you need (e.g. numpy or scipy) in requirements.txt
    • each dependency should be it's own line
    • you can optionally specify the version you need as well
    • e.g. numpy>=1.14
  6. If you need to ship data with your project (for examples or tests):
    • Put your files in the data directory. It will be automatically included
    • see to see how to fetch the filenames at runtime
  7. Start coding!
  8. Import your code in
  9. Set up a virtual environment!!!
  10. Open a terminal, start up your virtual environment, and run python install -e to install in editable mode! (This allows your source code changes to be reflected in the installed library) -
  11. Test an import with imagepypelines! - `python -c "import imagepypelines as ip; ip.require('your_plugin_namespace')"`

How to upload your plugin to pypi so other people can install it with pip

Note: This is a super quick guide, for more help see ``_

1. install some quick dependencies `pip install twine wheel`

2. create the necessary dists using `python sdist bdist_wheel`

3. if everything worked, then upload it to pypi! `twine upload dist/*`

Other information

If you need help working with rst files, please see this helpful guide


Astronomy Plugin for ImagePypelines







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