Pharo Smaltalk kernel for Jupyter
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Basic Pharo Smaltalk kernel for Jupyter. This project is implemented on Pharo 6.1 64 bits and test it on Ubuntu Linux and Mac Os X. It uses ZeroMQ ported from zeromq project to uFFI. Roassal integration supported. Main branch in this repository is in active development. TO-DO:

  • Review display API. Done
  • progress
  • Widgets support...
  • Tests...
  • Improve ZeroMQ API.
  • Installation procedure.
  • 32 bits version? ZMQ is 64 a bits library on Mac Os.

This project is also hosted in Smalltalkhub repository JupyterTalk
There you are a few examples on using jupiterTalk.

JupyterTalk in Action

install JupyterTalk

Metacello new 
	baseline: 'JupyterTalk';
	repository: 'github://jmari/JupyterTalk:master/repository';

Create the folder '/usr/local/share/jupyter/kernels/pharo'. Create file 'kernel.json' with contents

  "argv": [
  "display_name": "Pharo Smalltalk",
  "language": "smalltalk"

Optional, copy an icon with file name logo-64x64.png.

Starting JupyterTalk JupyterTalk in Action