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Welcome to the Poshmark Sharing App

This script is designed for users with a seller account on Poshmark marketplace.

It is designed to automate sharing the listings for every item in your closet with all subscribers or to share all the listings of another Poshmark account. Once the script is executed, it will share the requested listings every 120 minutes. You can edit the timing and other options if you desire.

Let the Share War Begin


  • Python 3.5+
  • Firefox 46.0.1+
  • Selenium==2.53.6+


Git Clone

First clone the repository in terminal:

  • git clone

Change directories to enter the local repository:

  • cd poshmark_sharing

User Credentials

You will need to create a file. It is recommended to simply edit the file and rename it.

poshmark_username = "poshmarkusername"
poshmark_password = "poshmarkpassword"

Edit the text in quotes to your actual username and password. Save the file and rename it Assuming you are in the repo directory, the bash command would be mv .

Firefox and Other Web Drivers

  • The default webdriver for this script is Firefox, which was the original web browser used in writing this script and executing the code. From a development perspective Firefox offers a better interface to inspect the HTML code needed in writing the scraper. However, other webdrivers, including Chrome, Safari, or Edge may be used.

To learn more about setting up the appropriate web driver, visit the Selenium web driver documentation below:

Quick Start

Run in Terminal (Recommended)

In terminal run the following command: python, which will run the script with the default options (see below).

Note: If you have several versions of python, you will need to amend the above line to run your python 3 alias, e.g. python3

Run in Jupyter

This program can also be run in Jupyter with a Python 3 kernel. Simply launch jupyter notebook in terminal and click the notebook, PoshMark_Seller_Sharing_App.ipynb. Once in the notebook, simply follow the instructions to run the script, which is configured to run the default options.

Advanced Options

There are a variety of optional arguments for the script, including timing, closet scroll size, closet ordering, the account to share, and the webdriver. To display the full range of command line arguments type python --help. For convenience, these options are displayed in the Jupyter notebook and described below.


You can adjust the timing from the command line. The default is 7200 seconds (120 minutes or 2 hours). Using a shorter time period is not recommended as it will be more likely caught by both captcha (I am not a robot) detection systems either at login or during the actual sharing. Here are some examples:

  • Every four hours: python -t 14400
  • Every two hours: python -t 7200

Closet Size

If you have many listings, you may need to increase the number of times the application scrolls to the end of page (default, n=7), with the -n parameter:

  • Scroll 10 times: python -n 10

Note that you could also decrease the amount -n 3, although the code will still run with the default option.

Closet Ordering

To preserve closet order, the closet items must be shared in their reverse order. To this end, the default sorting is order=True:

  • Preserve Closet Order, version 1: python
  • Preserve Closet Order, version 2: python -o True

To override this option, you can reverse order the items of the closet with the following flag, -o False:

  • Reverse Original Closet Order: python -o False


By default, the code will share all the listings for Poshmark account provided in While you will still need your account information in to login, you may request that the code share the listings of another Poshmark user with the account option: python -a another_poshmark_closet. This can be a useful feature, for example, in becoming a Poshmark ambassador.

Since the code is setup to run on a loop (by default every two hours), a safeguard is put in place to confirm that you actually want to share another users account. This will appear in the terminal:

[*] you have requested to share
    the items in another poshmark closet:
    [*]: another_poshmark_closet

[*] to confirm this request, enter [y]
    to cancel and share your closet items instead enter [n] :

This prompt will occur each time the code runs. If you are confident you want to repeatedly share another users entire closet every few hours, you can bypass this prompt with the following command line option b True.


Alternative Selenium web drivers may also be specified. Drivers may be called by entering their name, e.g. -d Firefox or -d Chrome or alternatively referring to the numerical shortcut for those options, e.g. -d 0 or -d 1. The full list of driver names and options is as follows:

  • Firefox==0
  • Chrome==1
  • Edge==2
  • Safari==3

These must be properly installed on your system, otherwise you will encounter an error. See for further details.

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