A Django app to use email as username for user authentication.
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Django use Email as Username


A Django app to use email as username for user authentication.


  • Custom User model with no username field
  • Use email as username
  • Includes a django-admin command for quick install
  • Follow Django best practices for new Django projects and User models.


  1. Install Django use Email as Username:

    $ pip install django-use-email-as-username
  2. Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS:

  3. Create you new django app:

    $ python manage.py create_custom_user_app
  4. Add the new app to your INSTALLED_APPS:

  5. Now instruct Django to use your new model:

    AUTH_USER_MODEL = 'custom_user.User'
  6. Create and run migrations:

    $ python manage.py makemigrations
    $ python manage.py migrate

You now have a new Django app which provides a custom User model.

You can further modify the new User Model any time in the future, just remember to create and run the migrations.


This app gives you a custom User model, which is good practice for new Django projects.

Changing to a custom user model mid-project is not easy.

It is recommended to always create a custom User model at the beginning of every Django project.


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