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Using an oscilloscope as Software Defined Radio source for GNU Radio 3.8
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Using an oscilloscope as Software Defined Radio source for GNU Radio 3.8

Assumes the availability of RPC for communication over VXI11 with an oscilloscope, provided by apt-get install libtirpc-dev on Debian/GNU Linux.

Tested on Rohde & Schwarz RTO2034 and RTE1054, will most probably work on any RT series oscilloscopes. Originally developed for the Agilent 54855DSO [1] but not tested after adding support for R&S instruments. Select which brand is used with the #define flags in the lib/ directory source code (#define rohdeschwarz is exclusive with #define agilent).

For those wanting to test gr-oscilloscope with no hardware access, a TCP server generating dummy data (sine waves) is available in examples. Compile manually (gcc -o tcp_server tcp_server.c -lm) and execute (./examples/tcp_server) to connect the server to port 9999 of the localhost. TCP/IP dummy data communication is activated by selecting as IP address of the gr-oscilloscope "oscilloscope" block

Dummy TCP signal source to check the block is operational:

gr-oscilloscope screenshot with dummy source

Noise measurement for Time Delay measurement by correlating the channels:

gr-oscilloscope screenshot with noise source

experimental setup

[1] Weike Feng, Jean-Michel Friedt, Grigory Cherniak, and Motoyuki Sato, Passive bistatic radar using digital video broadcasting–terrestrial receivers as general-purpose software-defined radio receivers, Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 104701 (2018); available at

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