An embeddable widget for listing Facebook events.
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An embeddable widget to display a feed of upcoming Facebook events. This project is built with Silex and uses Composer for its dependencies.


Install Dependencies

$ composer.phar install


The src/ directory includes a config.php.dist file, which should be copied to config.php and customized. Currently, the following options are available:

  • debug: Enable verbose error reporting
  • Facebook application ID (required)
  • Facebook application secret (required)
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Google Analytics TLD
  • twig.cache_dir: Cache directory for Twig templates

Cache Directory

By default, the application will use fbew-cache/ within the system's temporary directory. This path, which must be writable, may be customized via the twig.cache_dir configuration option.

Web Server

The application can be started using:

$ php -S localhost:8080 -t web web/index.php

Instructions for other web server configurations are outlined in the Silex documentation.