PDF thumbnail generation for Craft CMS 3
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PDFThumb plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

PDF thumbnail generation for Craft CMS 3


The craft.PDFThumb.thumbnail() template tag returns a URL to the generated thumbnail.

{% for myAsset in item.assetRef %}
    <img src="{{ craft.PDFThumb.thumbnail(myAsset) }}">
    <img src="{{ craft.PDFThumb.thumbnail(myAsset, 100, 100) }}">
    <img src="{{ craft.PDFThumb.thumbnail(myAsset, 100, 150, true, 'jpg') }}">
{% endfor %}

Heavily based on https://github.com/carnesmedia/pthumb


PThumb is a Craft plugin that generates thumbnail preview images for PDF documents. It's easy to drop into your templates, requires only the commmand-line version of ImageMagick (not the PHP bindings), and caches the generated thumbnails.

It's still very much a work in progress, so use it in production environments at your own risk.


  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Unzip it and move the pthumb folder to craft/plugins
  3. Install the plugin from the Plugins page of your control panel
  4. Click on the PThumb link on the plugins page to configure the plugin


Setting Description
Storage Path Absolute or relative path to the storage directory for PDFs on the server, ex ~/craft/public/uploads/pdfs
Base URL URL to the storage path, ex /uploads/pdfs


The craft.PThumb.thumbnail() template tag returns a URL to the generated thumbnail.

<img src="{{ craft.PThumb.thumbnail(myAsset) }}">
<img src="{{ craft.PThumb.thumbnail(myAsset, 100, 100) }}">
<img src="{{ craft.PThumb.thumbnail(myAsset, 100, 150, true, 'jpg') }}">

The arguments, in order, are:

Argument Description
Asset Required
Width In pixels, default: 250
Height In pixels, default: 250
Exact size Force the canvas to exactly match the height/width specified by extending transparent (PNG) or white (JPG) space to the dimensions, useful for producing square images of rectangular documents, default: false
File format Options are 'png' or 'jpg', default: png

Known issues

  • Files must be limited to a single directory
  • Files must be stored locally