Linux shell written in C. Simple but functional and thoroughly commented, just for educational purposes.
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Simple and thoroughly commented shell written in C, just for educative purposes.

Created by Juan Manuel Reyes as an University exercise, and released under GPLv3.


  • Basic commands: exit, pwd, clear and cd
  • Environment management with setenv and unsetenv
  • Program invocation with forking and child processes
  • I/O redirection (use of dup2 system call) limited to the following:
    <cmd> <args> > <output>
    <cmd> <args> < <input> > <output>
  • Background execution of programs with &
  • Piping implemented (<cmd1> | <cmd2>) via pipe and dup2 syscalls. Multiple piping is allowed.
  • SIGINT signal when Ctrl-C is pressed (shell is not exited)