Code for working with public user and relationship data in Google Plus


An unofficial Google Plus API. Right now this consists of the following:

PHP Classes
GoogleUtil - functions for parsing the almost-JSON that Google Plus produces
PlusPerson - a person entity in Gooogle plus that can be stored to a local mysql DB
PlusRelationship - a relationship between people in Google plus. This does not contain any circle context
PlusPost - a post to a user's activty stream
PostAttachment - encapsulates a media attachment to a post

tests/plususer.php?plusid=xxxxxxxx - demonstrates loading and caching users, as well as traversing the social graph
tests/plusactivity.php?plusid=xxxxxxx - demonstrates loading and caching public posts from a user's activity stream

api/getplusperson.php?plusid=xxx - JSON(P) API for retrieving profile data for a person.
api/getplusposts.php?plusid=xxx - JSON(P) API for retrieving post activty for a person.

1. Copy includes/ to /includes/
2. Edit with your path, url and mysql information
3. Import the sql tables in the sql/ subdirectory


- create getters for the rest of the data fields into the PlusPerson and PlusPosts objects
- do something interesting with all of this