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added simple documentation to the README describing the amqp support

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@@ -186,7 +186,24 @@ need fine grained testing:
When I follow "Contact"
Then the elapsed time should be less than 7 seconds
+AMQP Message Queues
+You can test for various conditions on an AMQP message queue.
+ Feature:
+ To make sure the rest of the system is in order
+ All our message queues must not be backed up
+ Scenario: test queue 2
+ Given I have a AMQP server on
+ And I want to check on the fork queue
+ Then it should have less than 400 messages
+ Then it should have at least 5 consumers
+ Then it should have less than 50 messages per consumer
+This has been tested using RabbitMQ but uses the amqp gem which should support
+other backends. See features/amqp_steps.rb for all the available steps.

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