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Clarify in README that "within" scopes to the first element

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1 parent 7b69aa6 commit e92ef27842c20eccde9a64a712f20eef24d8c5aa @joliss joliss committed May 1, 2011
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@@ -411,6 +411,9 @@ method. Optionally you can specify which kind of selector to use.
fill_in 'Name', :with => 'Jimmy'
+Note that <tt>within</tt> will scope the actions to the _first_ (not _any_)
+element that matches the selector.
There are special methods for restricting the scope to a specific fieldset,
identified by either an id or the text of the fieldet's legend tag, and to a
specific table, identified by either id or text of the table's caption tag.

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