A website for the contribution, tagging, searching and discussing of Lua code recipes.
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## Introduction

LuaRecipes is a development project to create a website for submission,
collaboration, review and searching of recipes for the [Lua][4] programming
language.  This project was prompted by a [post][1] from Steve Donovan on the
lua-l mailing list.  This codebase is an attempt to realize the discussed

## Project Layout

The initial attempt at this project is based on [Sputnik][2], a wiki and
content platform written using Lua.  The project source is organized in the
following way:

  * README - This readme file
  * setup.sh - A unix setup script that downloads and install Lua/Luarocks/Sputnik/Kepler within a subdirectory.  This installation will not affect any other Lua installation on your system.
  * sputnik.git - This directory holds a submodule that contains the git master from the Sputnik [repository][3].
  * recipes - This directory contains the rock definition and code for a sputnik module, where all of the custom code for the application will be stored.

After running the setup script, will have a directory called `sandbox` inside
this directory as well.  It will contain your Lua installation, your
[Luarocks][5] installation, [Kepler][6] and any other supporting code.  This
file is ignored by git and should not contain anything other than the software
necessary to run an instance of LuaRecipes on your local machine. 

## Instructions

To begin working with LuaRecipes, you need to have the following software:
  * Standard compiler toolkit (gcc, make)
  * CURL for fetching the Kepler/Sputnik setup package
  * Git

Begin by cloning the LuaRecipe repository with the following command:

     git clone git://github.com/jnwhiteh/LuaRecipes.git LuaRecipes

This will create a new directory called LuaRecipes in your current directory, which you should switch to:

     cd LuaRecipes

Now you can run the setup script:

     base setup.sh

This will download and install all the necessary software, and set everything
up.  You can start the Xavante webserver:

     ./sandbox/bin/sputnik.lua start-xavante sandbox/sputnik.ws

You can then launch your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/snippets.

## Notes 

Currently not very much is working, I just wanted to get things set up so we
had a system for development that allowed for easy contribution and

If at all possible, code should be added to the recipes rock, rather than
altering the Sputnik core, or relying on changes to pages in the wiki-data

[1]: http://lua-users.org/lists/lua-l/2009-09/msg00465.html
[2]: http://spu.tnik.org/
[3]: http://gitorious.org/sputnik/
[4]: http://www.lua.org/
[5]: http://www.luarocks.org
[6]: http://www.keplerproject.org/