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Custom App Fonts

Xojo example project

License: MIT


This example Xojo project shows how one can embed custom App Fonts in Xojo-built applications.
The fonts are not being installed on the OS - they are only available while the application is running. This may be necessary, depending on the license of your fonts.
On Windows and Linux it's even possible to load/unload during runtime.


Example application: macOS
ScreenShot: Example App - macOS

Example application: Windows
ScreenShot: Example App - Windows

Example application: Linux
ScreenShot: Example App - Linux



Xojo is a rapid application development for Desktop, Web, Mobile & Raspberry Pi.

The Desktop application Xojo example project CustomAppFonts.xojo_project is using:

  • Xojo 2023r4
  • API 2

How to use in your own Xojo project?

  1. macOS: Fonts are being added using
    • Info.plist (see the corresponding project item)
    • Post-Build CopyFiles-Step
      • Destination: Resources Folder, Sub Directory: AppFonts
  2. Windows/Linux: Fonts are being added using
    • Declares in modCustomAppFonts (see the corresponding Module in the project)
    • Post-Build CopyFiles-Step
      • Destination: App Parent Folder, Sub Directory: AppFonts


Juerg Otter is a long term user of Xojo and working for CM Informatik AG. Their Application CMI LehrerOffice is a Xojo Design Award Winner 2018. In his leisure time Juerg provides some bits and pieces for Xojo Developers.


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