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Xojo example project: OpenSSL - byo


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OpenSSL - byo

Xojo example project

License: MIT


This example project shows how you can build the OpenSSL Library from Source as a Universal .dylib (arm64 and x86_64), include it in a Xojo project - and finally use it in your application.

Included in this repository:


Using OpenSSL 3.0.x in a Xojo built application
ScreenShot: OpenSSL - byo



Xojo is a rapid application development for Desktop, Web, Mobile & Raspberry Pi.

The Desktop application Xojo example project openssl-byo.xojo_project is using:

  • Xojo 2024r1.1
  • API 2

How to use in your own Xojo project?

  1. Open the example project openssl-byo.xojo_project, create a new project - or open your existing project
  2. In the Navigator, go to: Build Settings -> macOS
  3. Add a Post Build Step: Copy Files
  4. Drag in the two built .dylibs: libssl.3.dylib and libcrypto.3.dylib
  5. Set the Post Build Script behavior in the Inspector:
    • Applies to: both
    • Subdirectory: (empty)
    • Destination: Framework folder

You then can use the bundled OpenSSL Library that you have just built in your own project.

For example: Get the OpenSSL Version like this:

Const cryptoLib = "@executable_path/../Frameworks/libcrypto.3.dylib"
Declare Function OpenSSL_version Lib cryptoLib (i As Integer) As CString
SomeLabel.Text = OpenSSL_version(0)


Juerg Otter is a long term user of Xojo and working for CM Informatik AG. Their Application CMI LehrerOffice is a Xojo Design Award Winner 2018. In his leisure time Juerg provides some bits and pieces for Xojo Developers.


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