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date-fns pipes for Angular 2.0 and above.


This library has been tested with date-fns v2.0.1.

npm install --save date-fns
npm install --save ngx-date-fns

For date-fns v1 support:

npm install --save date-fns@1.29.0
npm install --save ngx-date-fns@4.0.3

ngx-date-fns@4.0.3 docs

Basic Usage

Import DateFnsModule into your app's modules:

import { DateFnsModule } from 'ngx-date-fns';

  imports: [
    // (...)
import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { es } from 'date-fns/locale';

  selector: 'my-component',
  template: `
    <p>{{ dateOne | dfnsFormat: 'yyyy/MM/dd' }}</p>
    <p>{{ [dateOne, dateTwo] | dfnsMin }}</p>
    <p>{{ [dateOne, dateTwo] | dfnsMax | dfnsFormat: 'EEE LLL d yyyy' }}</p>
    <p>{{ dateThree | dfnsFormatDistanceToNow: options }}</p>
export class AppComponent {
  dateOne = new Date(2016, 0, 1);
  dateTwo = new Date(2017, 0, 1);
  dateThree: Date;
  options = {
    locale: es,
    addSuffix: true
  constructor() {
    this.dateThree = new Date();
    this.dateThree.setDate(this.dateThree.getDate() - 6);

The output:


Fri Jan 01 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

Sun January 1 2017

hace 6 días

Working with locales

All locale-aware pipes use English by default.

Changing locale globally

Instead of passing the locale to each pipe via options you can set it globally in one single step by overriding the default DateFnsConfiguration implementation:

import { DateFnsModule } from 'ngx-date-fns';
import { fr } from "date-fns/locale";

const frenchConfig = new DateFnsConfigurationService();

  imports: [
    // (...)
  providers: [
    // (...)
    { provide: DateFnsConfigurationService, useValue: frenchConfig } // <-- All pipies in French by default

Changing locale at runtime

It is also possible to change the default locale at runtime:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { DateFnsConfigurationService } from '../lib/src/date-fns-configuration.service';
import { es, de } from 'date-fns/locale';

  selector: 'app-root',
  template: `
    <p>{{ dateOne | dfnsFormat: 'MM/dd/yyyy' }}</p>
    <hr />
    Set default locale to: <a href="#" (click)="changeToGerman()">German</a>,
    <a href="#" (click)="changeToSpanish()">Spanish</a>.
export class AppComponent {
  dateOne = new Date(2016, 0, 1);
  constructor(public config: DateFnsConfigurationService) {}
  changeToGerman() {
  changeToSpanish() {

Pure or impure?

Should I use the pure or impure version of the locale-aware pipes?

The answer is quite simple:

  • Do you set the locale only once when the application starts?
    • Use only pure pipes.
  • Do you need to change the locale at runtime?
    • Use impure pipes.

The main difference is that pure pipes do not get notified when the locale is changed via DateFnsConfiguration.setLocale(locale: Locale), because the instance is not kept in memory. Impure pipes, on the other hand, are kept in memory and listen for Locale change notifications, which adds some memory and performance overhead.

Tree shaking date-fns

I'm not a build optimization expert, but in my experiments, I've found that building the app with with --vendorChunk=false and --optimization=true does a good job at removing date-fns functions that are not being used in your app.

You can test this by downloading this repo and running:

npm run build:app && npm run analyze

This command will load a file in your browser where you will see that date-fns takes 63Kb, which is significantly less than the 286Kb of the whole library without tree shaking applied. (this, of course, will be much less after gzipping).

Available pipes

All pipes are pure unless stated otherwise.









Last Day Of



A collection of utilities built around date-fns functions.


This pipe is (impure)

Given a weekday number, returns its name.

@param WeekdayNameFormat

Optional weekday format. Allowed values are:

  • x1: One char. 'M' for Monday.
  • x2: Two chars. 'Mo' for Monday.
  • x3: Three chars. 'Mon' for Monday.
  • full: Full weekday name. 'Monday' for Monday.

Defaults to full.

@param Locale

Optional date-fns Locale object.

Optional locale object.

Basic example

  <!-- Prints Monday -->
  {{ 0 | dfnsWeekdayName }}
  <!-- Prints Mon -->
  {{ 0 | dfnsWeekdayName : 'x3' }}
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