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Nesta Content Demo

Note: If you're reading these files on the GitHub site you'll find that GitHub will automatically render the Markdown and Textile files for you; click the 'raw' link when viewing a page to see the real markup.

The files in this repository are here to provide an example of how you can add content to your Nesta site. It's not intended as a replacement for the documentation; more as a handy example to help get you started.

You can explore these pages in your local Nesta site like this:

$ cd path/to/your-nesta-site
$ nesta demo:content

The nesta demo:content command will:

  1. Clone this repository into path/to/your-nesta-site/content-demo.
  2. Update your config/config.yml, pointing Nesta to content-demo.
  3. Tell git to ignore the new folder (if you're using git).

Your existing content repository will remain untouched.

You can see what the demo site looks like at