💸 Track recurring bills and subscriptions
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OpenSubs Build Status Join the chat at https://gitter.im/opensubsio/Lobby

Track recurring bills and subscriptions 💸

Things I wrote about the project:


  • Elixir backend
  • React frontend
  • PostgreSQL database

How to run OpenSubs

  1. mix deps.get, to install dependencies
  2. mix ecto.setup, to create and migrate the database
  3. cd apps/subs_web/frontend && yarn install, to install frontend dependencies
  4. mix phx.server, to run the server, will also build the frontend
  • cd apps/subs_web/frontend && node_modules/.bin/webpack --config webpack.config.js, to build the frontend manually

View sent emails in the development environment

The Bamboo.LocalAdapter is used in :dev mode. To see emails that have been sent, visit the following URL:

Running tests

  • brew install chromedriver, to run acceptance tests
  • mix test, to un all tests
  • mix test --only acceptance, to run only acceptance tests


Backend API

  • User signup/authentication
  • User password recovery
  • Services list
  • Subscriptions create
  • Subscriptions update
  • Subscriptions archive
  • Subscriptions list


  • User signup/authentication
  • User password recovery
  • Create custom subscription
    • Create from service service
  • List all subscriptions
  • Subscriptions dashboard
    • Due this month
    • Due next month
    • Monthly payment
    • Yearly payment

Nice to have

  • Categorization (personal, business, services)
  • Email notifications
  • Web notifications


  • Facebook bot


MIT © Joaquim Adraz