A script to enumerate virtual hosts on a server.
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Virtual host scanner

This is a basic HTTP scanner that'll enumerate virtual hosts on a given IP address. During recon, this might help expand the target by detecting old or deprecated code. It may also reveal hidden hosts that are statically mapped in the developer's /etc/hosts file.


The tool comes with a few basic options. They are listed below and help narrow down virtual hosts.

ruby scan.rb --ip= --host=domain.tld

Here's a list of all available options:

  • --ignore-http-codes: a comma-separated list of HTTP status codes to be ignored in the scan results. This may become useful when the scan results are poluted with false-positives that are identified by their HTTP response code.
  • --ignore-content-length: a content length filter which should be ignored in the scan results. This may become useful when a server returns a static page on every virtual host guess.
  • --port: when the web server isn't running on port 80.
  • --wordlist: specify an alternative location for the wordlist.
  • --ssl: on or off depending on whether you want to connect with SSL.
  • --output: optionally specify an alternative file to write the output to. Defaults to output.txt in the current directory.


There's a default, small, wordlist in this repository. To use your own wordlist, use the --wordlist option. %s will be replaced with the given --host header in every line of the wordlist file.