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Nova Translation

Translation management for your Nova application.

Nova Translation UI

About Nova Translation

Nova Translation is a tool for Laravel Nova which allows you full control over your translations when using Laravel's localization functionality.

The package allows you to manage your translations using either the native file based translations, but also provides a database driver which is useful in multi-server setups.

It exposes a user interface allowing you to update existing and add new translations to your application.

Below are a full list of features:

  • File and database drivers
  • Database translation loader (automatically load translations from the database when Laravel's translation retrieval methods and the database driver)
  • User interface to add new languages and add and update translations
  • Artisan commands to manage your translations
  • Scan your application for missing translations


From the root of your Nova application run the following:

composer require joedixon/nova-translation

Open NovaServiceProvider.php and add update the registerTools method as follows:


namespace Laravel\Nova;

use Joedixon\NovaTranslation\NovaTranslation;

class NovaServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider

    protected function registerTools()
            new NovaTranslation,

Note: Under the hood, this tool uses the joedixon/laravel-translation package. You can find configuration instructions here.