An extension to emacs Jabber mode to allow for Google Mail notification.
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    <title>Emacs Jabber mail notifier</title>

<h2>Joel Agnel Fernandes</h2>
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  | <a href="">Contact</a></p>

    <h1><u>Emacs Jabber mail notifier</u></h1>
    Google's XMPP implementation has a nice extension to notify new mail
    which isn't ofcourse a part of the XMPP standard.<br>This little plugin
    extends the Emacs jabber client to support this.<br>
 - Several changes have been made to make it compatible with the latest emacs-jabber (0.7.93)<br>
 - Make sure you have atleast a similar version (0.7 or higher)<br>
 - I'd appreciate it if you could report any bugs or issues with your version.
    <h3>Installation Instructions</h3>
    1. Download the file below, and copy it to your jabber directory. For me
    its ~/repository/list/el/net/jabber/<br>
    2. Open jabber.el in the same diretory and add the following line to the
    file:<br>(require 'jabber-mail-notify)<br>
    3. Restart emacs, or alternatively re-load the files jabber.el and
    4. Have fun!
Simply connecting to your google talk account will check email the
first time and will display a list of new unread mail in the
minibuffer. All subsequent new mail notifications will be displayed in
the minibuffer. <br>
    <a href=""> Download
      jabber-mail-notify.el </a>

(c) Joel Fernandes