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Brewfile for macOS


We use Homebrew a.k.a. Brew to install software on our macOS computers.

See and

This repository has our Brewfile, which has everything we use in all our projects. This includes plenty of desktop applications, system tools, programming languages, and more.

Using a Brewfile helps us with our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) initiatives.

Feedback welcome. Pull requests welcome.

To install brwe-file and use this Brewfile:

$ brew install rcmdnk/file/brew-file

$ brew file init                    
Do you want to set a repository (y)? ((n) for local Brewfile). [y/n]: y
Set repository, "non" for local Brewfile,
<user>/<repo> for github repository,
or full path for the repository: joelparkerhenderson/Brewfile