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Convert polyphonic multi-track audio to sheet music.
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Polyscribe is an easy-to-use polyphonic multi-track audio to sheet music converter.



Dependencies (music21, numpy, scipy, matplotlib & ObjectListView) can be installed using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use

Polyscribe can be either used in command-line mode or in graphical mode (with a GUI). When the program is invoked without any command-line argument, that is python, the GUI is launched. Otherwise, the program is launched in command-line mode. A list of the arguments that can be specified is available using the help command: python polyscribe --help.


Polyscribe can be bundled into Mac OS or Windows applications using pyinstaller, which can be installed using pip:

pip install pyinstaller

Then, to bundle the application, run the following:

pyinstaller --windowed --hidden-import=scipy.special._ufuncs_cxx
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