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Tread 3.0 Alpha Quake Map Editor

This is a Quake 1/2/3 map editor that is originally based on a tool I built for an unreleased game in 2003.

How to use it:

  1. Launch Tread.exe
  2. Under the menu you can configure settings for the various Quake games. The utilities for bsp/light/vis are included in the binaries release.
  3. File->New... pick the map type.
  4. On the right hand dock there are a list of things you can make, brushes / entities.
  5. You create new things by Alt+RClick
  6. Middle mouse pans in all views (even texture view)
  7. Alt+Middle mouse orbits your selection in the 3D view.
  8. Alt+Shift+Middle mouse looks around
  9. Mousewheel zooms in/out in all views.
  10. Ctrl+Middle mouse + mouse move finely zooms in the 3D view.
  11. Pressing 'W' while the mouse is in any view maximizes or minimizes it.
  12. The gizmos in the 3D view respond only to mouse up/down motion (up goes toward the arrow, down goes away)
  13. Shift+Drag any object duplicates.
  14. Most objects have a right click menu (right click the X in the 2D views or anywhere on the object in the 3D view).
  15. Vertex editing supports various ctrl/shift modifiers for bounding box vertex selection
  16. Undo history is pretty robust and also saves with the map file.
  17. There are probably other various modifier combinations that do different things but I don't remember.
  18. There is decent grouping/ungrouping, and show/hide (see the right dock bar near the bottom).
  19. Right click in any view in the upper left corner for a context menu to change view options.


Tread 3.0 Alpha Quake Map Editor







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