.NET Core Web App Admin & UWP Slideshow. For use on displays in the Microsoft Innovation Center Miami
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MIC Media Slide Show

This is a simple solution that I came up with in order to control what content was being shown on all the TV's at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Downtown Miami, FL.

Image of TV Playing Slideshow

Projects in this Repo

This repo consists of two projects.

MICMediaManager is a .NET Core 1.1 web application using MVC, EF and SQL Database. We use this to upload and organize the slides. The slides are stored in Azure Blob Storage and the app it self is running in Azure App Service.

MICMediaPlayer is a UWP application that calls an exposed API from MICMediaManager with a list of active slides. In then displays the slides to the user. The application runs in Windows 10 IoT Core running on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Resource Links

Contact me on twitter @joescars