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Frank the Tank

A wave based 2D zombie shooter with portals, written in Java

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Frank the Tank is an eight week project where we're building a 2D game from the ground up. That is: no graphics libraries or frameworks – we're writing all the rendering code ourselves.

The goal is to create a simple game yet with stunning gameplay and beautiful retro pixel graphics. Know Mojang's Catacomb Snatch? If you are – well, there you go.

Building and running

First clone the project:

git clone git://github.com/johanbrook/medioqre.git && cd medioqre

The Eclipse IDE has been used for development, so we've bundled .project and .classpath files, which makes it easy to import the whole project into Eclipse as a new project. Use the File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace guide.

The project should be compilable and runnable out of the box from a fresh clone.

Things to note

  • Main.java is containing the main() method. Run this.
  • Resources are located in the res directory.
  • Libraries used are located in the libs directory.
  • When making changes to non-source code files, i.e. external JSON data for instance: remember to clean the project before building and running (Project -> Clean in Eclipse).
  • Native OpenGL bindings are located in the libs/jogamp-all-platforms directory (structured in directories for each platform).

Running on Windows

The application needs the following VM arguments passed when running on Windows:


The application may be slow to start on Windows - just hang in there.

For the graders

  • The bit tag functionality present in the model (see the ITaggable interface) is not used in the 1.0 release. We have delayed a view refactor until 1.1, where the bit tagging functionality will be used along with restructured rendering techniques.

We are

Made on a Mac.