Create a weather station using a Raspberry Pi and Google App Engine backend
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Weather Station

This module contains source code and instructions for turning a Raspberry Pi together with a DS18B20 temperature sensor into a temperature monitoring device. Each x minutes a reading is made and posted to a server for storage. The server is a generic Java web application with a RESTful interface for posting temperature readings and retrieving temperature information in condensed manner.

Storage is solved by a CouchDB database which is called in RESTful fashion from the web application.

The web application also contains a single page HTML application using the REST services for fetching temperature data and presenting it in a human friendly way using charts and diagrams.

To setup this project on your own, make sure you have

  • A Raspberry Pi (with Ethernet capabilities)
  • A DS18B20 temperature sensor ~ $8.
  • A 4.7KOhm resistor
  • Some wires and a soldering iron

Here's a detailed blog post that will guide you in setting up hardware and software.