A component based game engine for AS3. Master version is currently 0.4.3. Please note, the dev branch is currently under heavy development for 0.5 and should be considered unstable. There will be a few breaking changes.
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0.4.3 complete



Welcome to Pixelizer - a AS3 entity and component based game framework!

Pixelizer takes care of all the tedious bits of game development and allows you to focus on what really matters - your game! Being based on entities and components, Pixelizer is very easy to extend and reuse.


  • easy extendable component based framework
  • nestable entities for easy manipulation of groups
  • lots of premade components and entities
  • fast 2D rendering
  • automated collision detection and response
  • spritesheets, animations and tilemaps
  • prerendering of movieclips
  • recording and replaying of input streams
  • automatic panning and volume of moving sounds
  • exact mouse and keyboard input
  • fancy text rendering
  • handy math and string routines
  • effective object pools
  • useful logging
  • persistent storage to lower memory foot print
  • and much more

Pixelizer is under development. If you have any ideas on how to make it better or any feedback at all. Please let me know!

Thank you!
/ johan

Johan Peitz