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This GIT repository contains an OWL definition of the Factoid Prosopography Ontology (FPO).

It has been created by John Bradley (
It is described at

The version of FPO presented here represents version 1.0 (June 2020), but would still benefit from
further work.  Watch this space for newer versions.

FPO (Factoid Prosopography Ontology) is an ontology which has been defined to formalise
some aspects of the practice of Factoid Prosopography as it has been practiced in the six
structured prosopographies collaboratively created by King's College London's Department of
Digital Humanities (formally Centre for Computing in the Humanities) with various historians
between 1995 and 2016.  By defining this ontology its makers wish to clarify some aspects of
how this approach for factoid prosopography actually worked.

It was first created (version 0.1) in 2016 by John Bradley, now a retired member of DDH but who
participated in various ways (from developer to Co-Investigator) in all six of KCL's factoid
prosopographical projects.  This version (1.0: June 2010) of FPO is much like the previous preliminary
version, with the most significant change being in the representation of :Reference and the associated
addition of the new class :Role.


Factoid Prosopography Ontology


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