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A triage bot example for Slack
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What is a Triage Bot?                                                                                            Deploy

After triggering this bot through a slash command, it will scan the last 1000 messages in the current channel and look for messages that contain certain emojis [configurable] in the text (not reactions). These messages will be grouped into statuses and reported to the user.


  • Pending - Messages pending review
  • Review - Messages that are in review
  • Addressed - Messages that have been addressed



Environment Variables

  • TOKEN - The Slack token
  • PORT - The webserver port
  • LOCALE - The preferred locale. Defaults to en


TOKEN=xoxp-XXXXXXXXXX PORT=3000 LOCALE=pirate npm start


  • index.js - A very basic webserver and http client to post back to Slack
  • triage.js - The main functionality lies here. Pass in the Slash command payload, the channel history, and optionally any settings overrides. You'll get a formatted Slack message with the results.


let message = triage(
  payload,    // The payload from the Slack slash command
  messages,   // An array of slack messages to triage
  settings    // Any settings overrides to apply [optional]


You can adjust the messages, emoji, and reactjis by updates the settings.json file or passing in any overrides you'd like to the main function.

triage(payload, messages, {
  display: [ "pending", "review" ]

Private Response


Public Response


Existing Apps

Already have an app and just want the Triage builder? No problem, you could require this package or copy the contents from triage.js.

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