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Get at available assets in loaded gems in Sprockets

Who says you need Rails Engines to use the vendored assets in gems? All you need is sprockets-vendor_gems. Use those cool vendored JavaScript & CSS gems in anything!

The easiest way? Punch Sprockets right in the duck!

require 'sprockets-vendor_gems/extend_all'

So, for instance, in Sinatra with sinatra-sprockets:


require 'sinatra/base'
require 'sprockets-vendor_gems/extend_all'
require 'sinatra/sprockets'

class MyApp < Sinatra::Base
  register Sinatra::Sprockets

  get '/' do

map "/assets" do
  run Sinatra::Sprockets.environment

run MyApp

Every Sprockets::Environment instance now has every vendored gems asset path added! By default, that's the javascripts, stylesheets, and images directories. Need more?

Sprockets::VendorGems.default_types << "coolthings"

Do that before any Sprockets::Environments get instantiated.

Want more manual control? Either get the list of asset paths:

require 'sprockets-vendor_gems'

env ='.')
Sprockets.find_gem_vendor_paths(:for => :javascript).each do |path|
  env.append_path path

or, instead of duck punching all of Sprockets, get an Environment with those paths in there already:

require 'sprockets-vendor_gems'

env =


You may have to futz a bit with require and fake classes for particular gems, especially if they really rely on Rails to get their job done.

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