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BUILD 2018 samples for Azure Media Services v3 API

All of the examples in this repo created by John Deutscher for the //BUILD 2018 conference. These demos are built using the Preview release of the Media Services v3 API and are provided as examples to get you started quickly with the new API.

For feedback, ping me directly on Github, or submit your questions and feature asks on the new v3 API to our Media Services MSDN Forum Refer to the public documentation on v3 and official public samples in the for the latest updates post BUILD 2018

CLI Examples

The Azure Media v3/CLI folder contains sample BASH shell scripts that demonstrate how to use the CLI 2.0 to create Media Services resources.

REST Examples

The Azure Media v3/REST folder contains a full Postman collection and Environment variables to test drive the new v3 REST API directly from within Postman 6.0 or higher.

ARM Templates

Example Azure Media v3/ARM Templates show how to create a Media Services account, Transform for encoding and video analysis, and Live Events for streaming.

.NET Core Sample

The Azure Media v3/NETCore folder contains a quickstart sample showing how to use Transforms, and Jobs.


The Azure Media v3/EventGrid folder contains a basic C# Webhook Azure Function for use with Event Grid.


The Azure Media v3/Node folder contains a quickstart sample demonstrating how to use the VideoAnalyzer preset.