CLI program for controlling the spotify desktop client
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spotify-cli Build status

Minimal OCaml CLI program for controlling the spotify desktop client. Supported platforms:

  • Linux (via DBus)
  • Mac OSX (via osascript)


The easiest way to install is with opam, an OCaml package manager:

    opam install spotify-cli

Build dependencies

Supported commands

    spotify-cli now-playing
    spotify-cli play-pause
    spotify-cli previous
    spotify-cli next
    spotify-cli play-album <search-string>
    spotify-cli play-artist <search-string>
    spotify-cli play-track <search-string>

play-album, play-artist and play-track search for the supplied name using the spotify metadata API, and play the first result (if any).

search-string doesn't have to match the album or track title exactly - in fact you will probably get better results if you specify the artist name along with the album or track name e.g.

    spotify-cli play-album "sepultura arise"