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* Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
open Stringext
open Client
open Utils
(* --------------- iSCSI target VM helper functions --------------- *)
(* Copied and pasted largely from perftest/ with some modifications. *)
let iscsi_vm_iso = "xenserver-iscsi-target.iso"
let iscsi_vm_template = "Other install media"
let oc_key = "perftestsetup"
let make_iscsi_ip ipbase =
Printf.sprintf "192.168.%d.200" (ipbase+2)
let find_iscsi_iso rpc session_id =
let vdis = Client.VDI.get_all rpc session_id in
Some (List.find (fun vdi -> Client.VDI.get_name_label rpc session_id vdi = iscsi_vm_iso) vdis)
with _ -> None
let assert_sr_exists rpc session_id sr name =
if sr = Ref.null then raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error (Printf.sprintf "%s is null" name));
try let (_: API.sR_t) = Client.SR.get_record rpc session_id sr in () with _ -> raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error (Printf.sprintf "%s does not exist" name))
let make_iscsi rpc session_id iscsi_luns num_vifs sr_disk_size key network =
let iscsi_iso = match find_iscsi_iso rpc session_id with
| Some vdi -> vdi
| None -> failwith "iSCSI VM iso not found" in
let template = List.hd (Client.VM.get_by_name_label rpc session_id iscsi_vm_template) in
let newvm = Client.VM.clone rpc session_id template "ISCSI target server" in
Client.VM.provision rpc session_id newvm;
ignore_VBD(Client.VBD.create rpc session_id newvm iscsi_iso "0" true `RO `CD false false [] "" []);
let realpool = List.hd (Client.Pool.get_all rpc session_id) in
let defaultsr = Client.Pool.get_default_SR rpc session_id realpool in
assert_sr_exists rpc session_id defaultsr "pool's default SR";
for i = 0 to iscsi_luns - 1 do
let storage_vdi_label = Printf.sprintf "SCSI VDI %d" i in
let storage_vdi = Client.VDI.create rpc session_id storage_vdi_label "" defaultsr sr_disk_size `user false false [oc_key,key] [] [] [] in
let userdevice = Printf.sprintf "%d" (i+1) in
ignore_VBD(Client.VBD.create rpc session_id newvm storage_vdi userdevice false `RW `Disk false false [] "" [])
Client.VM.set_PV_bootloader rpc session_id newvm "pygrub";
Client.VM.set_HVM_boot_policy rpc session_id newvm "";
for i = 0 to num_vifs - 1 do
ignore (Client.VIF.create rpc session_id (string_of_int i) network newvm "" 1500L [oc_key,key] "" [])
Client.VM.add_to_other_config rpc session_id newvm oc_key key;
Client.VM.start rpc session_id newvm false false;
with e ->
debug "Caught exception with iscsi VM: %s" (Printexc.to_string e);
debug "Trying to clean up iscsi VM...";
(try Client.VM.destroy rpc session_id newvm with _ -> ());
raise e
(* --------------- iSCSI SR probe helper functions --------------- *)
(* Copied and pasted from perftest/ *)
let parse_sr_probe_for_iqn (xml: string) : string list =
match Xml.parse_string xml with
| Xml.Element("iscsi-target-iqns", _, children) ->
let parse_tgts = function
| Xml.Element("TGT", _, children) ->
let parse_kv = function
| Xml.Element(key, _, [ Xml.PCData v ]) ->
key, String.strip String.isspace v (* remove whitespace at both ends *)
| _ -> failwith "Malformed key/value pair" in
let all = parse_kv children in
List.assoc "TargetIQN" all
| _ -> failwith "Malformed or missing <TGT>" in parse_tgts children
| _ -> failwith "Missing <iscsi-target-iqns> element"
let parse_sr_probe_for_scsiids (xml : string) : string list =
match Xml.parse_string xml with
| Xml.Element("iscsi-target", _, children) ->
let parse_luns = function
| Xml.Element("LUN", _, children) ->
let parse_kv = function
| Xml.Element(key, _, [ Xml.PCData v ]) ->
key, String.strip String.isspace v (* remove whitespace at both ends *)
| _ -> failwith "Malformed key/value pair" in
let all = parse_kv children in
List.assoc "SCSIid" all
| _ -> failwith "Malformed or missing <LUN>" in parse_luns children
| _ -> failwith "Missing <iscsi-target> element"
(* --------------- iSCSI target VM set-up functions --------------- *)
let setup_iscsi_vm rpc session iscsi_luns iscsi_vifs sr_disk_size =
debug "Creating iSCSI target VM serving %d LUNs" iscsi_luns;
let networks = Client.Network.get_all_records rpc session in
let networks = List.filter (fun (_,r) -> r.API.network_bridge = "xenbr0") networks in
match networks with
| [] -> raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error "no networks found")
| (network,_) :: _ -> make_iscsi rpc session iscsi_luns iscsi_vifs sr_disk_size "fred" network
let setup_iscsi_sr rpc session host iscsi_vm =
debug "Getting one of the iSCSI VM's IP addresses";
let vifs = Client.VM.get_VIFs rpc session iscsi_vm in
let device = "0" in
(* Find the VIF with device 0 (because, at present, that's the only one whose IP address is written to XenStore by the VM) *)
let vifs = List.filter (fun vif -> Client.VIF.get_device rpc session vif = device) vifs in
match vifs with
| [] -> raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error "no VIFs found in iSCSI VM")
| vif :: _ ->
debug "Getting guest metrics for first VIF";
let guest_metrics = Client.VM.get_guest_metrics rpc session iscsi_vm in
if guest_metrics = Ref.null then raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error "Could not find VM_metrics object for iSCSI VM");
debug "Reading networks from guest metrics";
let networks = Client.VM_guest_metrics.get_networks rpc session guest_metrics in
debug "Looking up IP address of first VIF";
let ip = List.assoc (device^"/ip") networks in
debug "IP address of first VIF is %s" ip;
(* Probe it for IQNs *)
let xml =
try Client.SR.probe ~rpc ~session_id:session ~host ~device_config:["target",ip] ~sm_config:[] ~_type:"lvmoiscsi"
with Api_errors.Server_error("SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_96",[a;b;xml]) -> xml
let iqns = parse_sr_probe_for_iqn xml in
debug "Found %d IQNs" (List.length iqns);
if iqns = [] then failwith "iSCSI target VM failed again - maybe you should fix it this time?";
let iqn = List.hd iqns in
(* Probe it for LUNs *)
debug "Probing for LUNs with IQN %s" iqn;
let xml =
try Client.SR.probe ~rpc ~session_id:session ~host ~device_config:["target",ip; "targetIQN",iqn] ~sm_config:[] ~_type:"lvmoiscsi"
with Api_errors.Server_error("SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_107",[a;b;xml]) -> xml
(* Create an SR for *only the first* LUN found *)
let scsiids = parse_sr_probe_for_scsiids xml in
debug "Found %d LUNs" (List.length scsiids);
if scsiids = [] then failwith "Didn't find any SCSIids";
let scsiid = List.hd scsiids in
debug "Creating LVMoISCSI SR on LUN with SCSIid %s" scsiid;
let sr = Client.SR.create ~rpc ~session_id:session ~host ~device_config:["target",ip; "targetIQN",iqn; "SCSIid",scsiid] ~physical_size:0L ~name_label:"iscsi" ~name_description:"" ~_type:"lvmoiscsi" ~content_type:"" ~shared:true ~sm_config:[] in
(scsiid, sr)
let wait_for_vm_to_run rpc session ?(delay=60.0) vm =
let session2 = Client.Session.login_with_password rpc !Globs.username !Globs.password "1.4" in
Client.Event.register rpc session2 ["vm"];
let finished = ref false in
(* Create a thread to kill the session if we timeout *)
let (_: Thread.t) = Thread.create (fun () ->
Thread.delay delay;
debug "Timer has expired (%.0f seconds); logging out session" delay;
Client.Session.logout rpc session2) ()
let check record =
let fin = record.API.vM_power_state = `Running in
debug "Power state is now %s" (Record_util.power_to_string record.API.vM_power_state);
finished := fin || !finished
check (Client.VM.get_record rpc session2 vm);
debug "Entering wait loop...";
while not !finished do
let events = Event_types.events_of_xmlrpc ( rpc session2) in
debug "Got %d events..." (List.length events);
let checkevent ev =
match Event_helper.record_of_event ev with
| Event_helper.VM (r,Some x) -> if r=vm then check x
| _ -> debug "Got irrelevant event"
in List.iter checkevent events
debug "Finished waiting for event"
| Api_errors.Server_error("SESSION_INVALID", _) ->
failwith (Printf.sprintf "Timed out while waiting for VM to run; maximum wait was %.1f seconds" delay)
| e ->
debug "Got unexpected exception: %s" (Printexc.to_string e);
raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error (Printf.sprintf "received unexpected exception: %s" (Printexc.to_string e)))
(* Wait for a key like /local/domain/n/data/updated to appear in XenStore. This indicates that the iSCSI target VM has finished booting. *)
let wait_for_xenstore_key_to_appear rpc session ~delay vm =
let vm_uuid = Client.VM.get_uuid rpc session vm in
let host = Client.VM.get_resident_on rpc session vm in
let rv = Client.Host.call_plugin ~rpc ~session_id:session ~host ~plugin:Globs.helper_plugin ~fn:"wait_for_iscsi_vm_boot" ~args:[("vm_uuid", vm_uuid); ("delay", Printf.sprintf "%f" delay)] in
if rv <> "OK" then raise (Multipathrt_exceptions.Test_error (Printf.sprintf "Plugin failed while waiting for iSCSI target VM to boot: %s" rv))
let wait_for_iscsi_vm_to_boot rpc session ?(domain_up_delay=60.0) ?(boot_delay=180.0) ?(sleep_delay=3) vm =
debug "Waiting for iSCSI target VM to start running...";
wait_for_vm_to_run rpc session ~delay:domain_up_delay vm;
debug "Waiting for iSCSI target VM to finish booting...";
wait_for_xenstore_key_to_appear rpc session ~delay:boot_delay vm;
debug "iSCSI target VM has booted";
(* Give the guest agent a chance to create/update the VM_guest_metrics object *)
debug "Sleeping for %d seconds..." sleep_delay;
Unix.sleep sleep_delay;
debug "Finished sleeping"
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