Pic Puller for Craft CMS 2.x
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Pic Puller for Craft CMS 2.x

This is the version of Pic Puller for Craft CMS 2.x. This plugin uses the version 1 of the Instagram API. It should continue to work until the beginning of 2020 at which time Instagram will end support for the API.

END OF SUPPORT for Craft 2 version

This repository is the code archive for this version of Pic Puller, but the Craft 2 version will no longer be updated.

Craft CMS 3.x version available

There is a version of Pic Puller for Craft 3 still under active development. It is available for purchase from within your Craft 3 installation.

Visit the code repository for Pic Puller for Craft CMS 3.x.

Thank you,

John Morton